Testimonials from our Travel Tribe #MeetTheTribe (our best friends)


"My favorite part of the trip was meeting other people who decided this was their time to join The BucketList Club travel tribe. We are all very different but at the same time, positive, like-minded people who all wanted this unique, amazing  experience with strangers."
- Andraya


"The BucketList Club came to me through an Instagram post and the more I watched them, the more I wanted to join!"
- Megan


"I sold everything I owned and threw myself on a plane to Thailand with The BucketList club. I didn't come back to the States for another year and I am still homeless to this day. I found a new understanding... a new purpose... a new drive... I found my tribe. I found a way to be happy." 
- Nick


"For someone like myself that's terrified of heights, can't drive, and doesn't swim, I thought Nah,... I can't do this. These are folks that are going to be on some wild thrill-seeking chaos 24/7. But it turns out they had activities that were very cultural in nature as well. I could soak up the architecture of an area or the food and really immerse myself into the FEEL of it."
- Ward


"I am grateful for the extension of my family and my heart... moreover I have people I will be connected with forever."
- Sydney


"If you see a BucketList Club trip you’ve always wanted to do, I say go for it! Even if you go by yourself... especially if you go by yourself. You are guaranteed to meet new friends, create incredible and unimaginable memories, and of course - check a couple things off your bucket list."
- Andrea