Often referred to as the “Yin” to Isaac’s “Yang”, Jay is an Atlanta, Georgia born-and-bred financial planning professional by day and zealous travel guru at heart. He is a true Renaissance man whose passion lies in entertaining and showing people the time of their lives. Jay and Isaac first met during their travels in Thailand and the rest is as they say…history. While primarily responsible for organizing the timeless tours that define The BucketList Club, he also collaborates with Isaac on all the creative and proprietary aspects of the trip experience that keep people coming back for more, tour after tour. Whether driving “the tribe” cross-country in a camper van, leading the group on a hike in the wild jungle, or playing guitar around the campfire, Jay helps to keep the group together and the spirits up.


Heading 1

Heading 1

"Every single day I choose joy... because the alternative is just miserable."

-Jay Dover