Isaac Stout (and about)

The Ring Master (Founder)

Isaac is the red-mohawk’d ring leader and brainchild of the BucketList Club. He is quite possibly the most interesting man in the world born in 1986. From his humble beginnings on MTV’s “The Real World” as one of its most renowned cast members to his solo travels traversing the most remote corners of the globe, Isaac continues to keep us guessing at what he’ll do next. An almost mythical human being; he is known by many names around the world…”Hollywood Hobo” in the hills of California, “Dragon Tamer”  in Hong Kong, and let’s not forget “Chicken Head” in Thailand. His true passion is experiencing all that this grand roller coaster of a life has to offer and bringing people together from all walks and backgrounds to experience it with him. If you happen to find yourself in the midst a lavish parade, lost at a music festival, or joining an underground fight club…chances are that Isaac is nearby. Hola, Konichiwa, & Namaste.

Cohutta (Mountain Man) Grindstaff

BucketList Club Wilderness Expert.

Blueridge Mountain, GA native Cohutta would have probably never left his small town if it was not for MTV. After his successful athletic career in high school, Cohutta moved onto his actual career as a log home carpenter. Unlike the log homes you envision from an old nursery rhyme, Cohutta has built multi-million dollar timber mansions on Blue Ridge Lake, GA. Just like Isaac, he was scouted and placed on “the Real World” Australia which was the first time he had ever even been to the airport. The two met, traveled and the rest is history. Because of his extensive knowledge on camping, hunting, and all things outdoor adventure-related, Cohutta serves as the official BucketList Club wilderness expert. 


Jay (JD-MONEY) Dover

BucketList Club Bookkeeper (Minister of Finance, Numbers, and Things).

Jay is Atlanta, GA born and bred. Suit strutting financial planning professional by day and zealous travel guru at heart. He is responsible for keeping the BucketList Club’s coffers full while also helping to organize the timeless tours and stunts that define the BucketList Club. In his leisure time, he can be seen all over Atlanta’s public venues wielding a guitar and performing impromptu concerts for the unsuspecting patron. However, it is once he’s overseas that he is really able to embrace the thrill-seeking side of himself that cannot deny a good time or new experience.  

Ben (Classified) Johnson

 BucketList Club Head of Security
Ben, Ex-Navy Seal, met Isaac in an Atlanta bar where he ran security. His first BucketList trip was New Orleans for the VOODOO festival and has been a huge part of the company ever since.  Not only does Ben have an extensive and somewhat classified military career but he has appeared on reality TV as well. Ben was the only contestant to eat every single day without fail on the television show “Naked and Afraid”. In addition to being the head of everything security for the BucketList Club, He owns an all-Seal team private security firm protecting celebrities, heads of state, and transportation of valuable goods. Ben’s bio is very vague and he doesn't not have social media…for a reason.