Frequently asked questions

$100 Off Your First BucketList Trip

That’s right, your first year of membership with the BucketList Club pays for itself and then some just by attending one of our epic trips to “bucket list” events all over the world!

Free Semi-Annual “Trigger Pullers” Trips

Twice a year our founders host a “Spring Break” and “End-Of-Summer” trip (usually 4-5 days) to a location announced only a month ahead of time. We send out an official announcement to the entire club and the first 10 people to commit, get a FREE TRIP! You would only be responsible for your flight and then WE cover the itinerary, activities, and accommodations. These trips are truly a unique excursion and designed for our most adventurous members.

Members Only Weekend Re”treats”

Several times a year, we will host weekend retreats that take place all across the USA so that we can stay connected, share quality bonding time, and just enjoy ourselves. These crowd funded retreats might include a mountain cabin getaway in Montana, a weekend of skiing in Colorado, or even a sun-soaked session on South Beach.

Monthly Member Giveaways

Every month we have a giveaway for our members that can range from a gift certificate to a travel-related accessory. It’s always a surprise and it’s just another way we like to show the BucketList Club love!

How Much Are Membership Dues?

Membership Dues: $69/Annually Our dues are designed not only so that we can provide our members an array of on-going benefits but most importantly so that we can provide the most amazing, one-of-a-kind, sensory-driven and memorable trips of your entire life. Membership can be cancelled at any time but we strongly believe that once you join one of our trips, you’ll be hooked just like the rest of us.

Access to our “Tribe Forum”

This is our central networking hub located in our private Facebook page. It includes posting access for all members, official footage catalogs from all of our trips, and most importantly another way to keep the travel tribe connected with one another. We pride ourselves on being a family and always aim to facilitate that any way we possibly can.

25% of ALL Swag Shop Purchases

This discount applies to all items in our Swag Shop which is our official merchandise store. We are constantly updating and adding swag to keep our members outfitted with the latest travel gear.

Custom Stainless Steel Membership Card

What kinda club would we be without an official membership card?! This stainless steel card with a direct link to our content is without a doubt the coolest “membership card” you’ll ever wrap your fingers around.