Isaac began his humble beginnings on MTV’s “The Real World” where he became one of the show’s most renowned cast members. In the wake of his time on the show, he found reprieve from the spotlight by backpacking and traversing the most remote corners of the globe. It was in the midst of his solo travels that he realized not only how amazing this world is in all its glory and wonderment, but also the fact that its most amazing parts are still unknown to most American citizens. What started off as a quest for disconnect with limelight society soon turned into a craving to share the awe-inspiring world he’d seen with friends and new faces alike. 

   Isaac first conceptualized “The BucketList Club” while working as a popular tour guide for Contiki Travel where he quickly realized while socializing with customers off the clock, that people had an appetite for a way of traveling that went off the touristy beaten path by immersing themselves deeper into individual cultures and sharing that experience with like-minded individuals.

    When it comes to traveling, Isaac continues to keep us guessing at where he’ll go next and what adventures he has in store. His true passion is experiencing all that this grand roller coaster of a life has to offer and bringing people together from all walks and backgrounds to experience it with him. Whether you find yourself at a “cow racing” rodeo in rural Thailand, breaking into the Day of The Dead Parade in Mexico, or covered in paint and glitter from head to toe at the Holi Festival in India…chances are that Isaac is nearby. Hola, Konichiwa, & Namaste.


“The world is literally the coolest thing in the whole world”

– Isaac Stout


Often referred to as the “Yin” to Isaac’s “Yang”, Jay is an Atlanta, Georgia born-and-bred financial planning professional by day and zealous travel guru at heart. He is a true Renaissance man whose passion lies in entertaining and showing people the time of their lives. Jay and Isaac first met during their travels in Thailand and the rest is as they say…history. While primarily responsible for organizing the timeless tours that define The BucketList Club, he also collaborates with Isaac on all the creative and proprietary aspects of the trip experience that keep people coming back for more, tour after tour. Whether driving “the tribe” cross-country in a camper van, leading the group on a hike in the wild jungle, or playing guitar around the campfire, Jay helps to keep the group together and the spirits up.

"Every single day I choose joy...because the alternative is just miserable"

- Jay Dover