Who We Are



  The BucketList Club started as a concept where we posed the question: “What’s the most amazing thing one can do in this life? The answer we arrived at... traveling to all of the world’s most awe-inspiring events and festivals when and where they happen.

  Not only did we note that such a concept did not yet exist, but also the fact that traveling to the grandest celebrations on earth is even better in the midst of like-minded company whose energy, enthusiasm, and friendship are just as impactful as the events themselves.

  To that end, We ONLY go to what we consider “bucket list” events around the world and we only go with our certified club members in our uniquely intimate groups. Around these bucket list events (i.e. Running of The Bulls, Thai New Years, Oktoberfest, Day of The Dead), we plan highly curated, action-packed, and culturally immersive itineraries that delve deeper than your typical run-of-the-mill tourist trap trip.  

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  We are a fun-loving, safely edgy, and creative-minded community whose focus is maximizing each club member’s individual experience just as much as the bucket list events and adventures themselves. Membership into The BucketList Club is available to EVERYONE with an open heart, an open mind, and an adventurous spirit. The BucketList Club is where strangers become stranger together because we believe UNordinary people deserve to do EXTRAordinary things!